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Please note that some of the working papers are available in Danish only.

Working paper 12
minKarriereplan. Udvikling og spredning af en e-service om karriereplanlægning
Hagedorn-Rasmussen, Peter; Lindstrøm, Peter & Sundbo, Jon (2007)

Working paper 11
Vidensydelser, innovation og IKT i ingeniørvirksomheder - Rambøll Byggeri
Nicolajsen, H. W., Falch, M. & Henten, A. (2006)

Working paper 10
Practical Experiences with using E-learning Methodologies at CICT
Falch, M. & Tadayoni, R. (2006)

Working paper 9
Customer-based innovation of e-knowledge services. The importance of after-innovation
Sundbo, J. (2006)

Working paper 8
Making sense of "E-knowation" - Exploring the relationship between emerging strategy, innovation and entrepreneurial nets of critical capabilities and resources
Hagedorn-Rasmussen, P. (2006)

Working paper 7
Inter-organizational collaboration in the field of construction: The perspective of an engineering consultancy
Nicolajsen, H. W. (2006)

Working paper 6
Digitalisering af vidensservices i Rambøll Byg - set i et vidensperspektiv
Nicolajsen, H. W., Henten, A. & Falch, M. (2006)

Working paper 5
Gotthard Christensen, L. (2006)

Working paper 4
Digitalisering af biblioteksvæsenet i Danmark: Mod en ny innovationsforståelse
Fuglsang, L. (2006)

Working paper 3
Impact of Internet and IP on Media Platforms and Infrastructure
Henten, A. & Tadayoni, R. (2005)

Working paper 2
Introduktion til Max Boisot's konceptuelle ramme for videnaktiver
Bygballe Møller, R. (2005)

Working paper 1
E-baseret ejendomsformidling i RobinHus
Hagedorn-Rasmussen, P., Henten, A. & Bygballe Møller, R. (2005)